July 24, 2024

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What everyone is wearing in New York, summer trends 2020 video is finally up! As always this is about how to find your personal style while watching the style of others or at least get some outfit inspiration. There are a few gems who really show how to make a mask work with their look as well. As I always say, these episodes have never been about fashion week street style. This series is a snap shot of how people are showing their personal style, regardless of DIY face masks or otherwise. It’s about understanding how to find your own style and how to dress on a budget and be yourself. See how some show you how to look stylish with basics and how some always look chic and put together, wearing a face mask or not! How to have style is never about who you wear but how so ideas on how to dress on a budget is one take away I hope you get from this series. Note: I wore a mask at all times.

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